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[sticky post] Welcome to Maket to Gaden Shop!


We have two (2) sales going on right now! Please choose either sale #1 or sale #2. They cannot be combined!


All items (with the exception of anything under $2) is 50% off! What does this mean? Buy a pamphlet for $40 and only pay $20! (Free shipping is NOT included in this deal).


For the first six (6) items, Buy 2 and Get 1 Free (free item is the lesser priced item of your order).
For any order with seven (7) or more items, receive a 20% discount on your entire order.

(If you order seven (7) items, you do not qualify for the buy 2 get 1 free. You will automatically receive the 20% discount. These two discounts cannot be combined.)

ALSO, UNTIL THE END OF THE SALE, SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IS FREE! (Free shipping for International orders must equal $50 in merchandise to qualify for the free shipping) If you choose the 50% off sale, this free shipping offer is not included. Feel free to ask for a quote, as to better decide which sales offer is best for you!

All prices are negotiable. No unreasonable offer will be accepted. (Clearance sale does not apply to any items that are negotiated in price.)

Welcome to Maket to Gaden Shop! Or, if you prefer the English translation, Garden Market!

We have a variety of Asian goods for sale. Everything from DVD's, to concert goods and beyond. Many of our items are Johnny's Entertainment related, but we do other items as well. Below are the particulars needed for making any transaction on MTG:


Payment is in USD only. No other currencies are accepted, unless they are sent through Paypal. If another currency is requested, please PM us and we will give you the total fees that will have to be added for conversion.

Payment must be received within one week of the order placed/auction won. We're flexible, so if you need more time, let us know.

Paypal, postal money orders (domestic if in the US and international everywhere else) only. Do not send cash in the mail! If you have no way of getting either and can only send cash, again, PM us and we will be happy to work something out.


Shipping is by United States Postal Service (USPS). For most items, shipping is FREE if you live in the continental United States.

If you live outside of the US, then shipping is free if your order totals $100 or more. (Based on destination/package size - there may be a small handling fee. PM us to check before placing your order.)

Packages are only shipped out once payment is received and cleared. Once it has been, packages ship out within 1-2 business days afterwards. An email/comment will be given once your package is shipped.


Returns are accepted on a case by case basis. If you receive an incorrect item in your package, please PM us and we will make corrections. You will need to return the item to us before we can ship the corrected item to you. We are not responsible for damage the post office will do to the package, so your best bet, if you're worried about this, is to add insurance to your package.

We pack everything with the greatest of care. Should your item be damaged by the shipping service of your choice, you will need to speak to them to file a claim as once the item leaves our hands, we are not liable for any lost, stolen or damaged items.

To Place an Order

To place an order, leave a comment on this entry. This is an easy way for me to keep track of all orders, since they are in one place. Comments are disabled on each item post. If you have any questions, feel free to send a PM or post them here.


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Please leave a comment to this post under this comment marked "Feedback" with any and all feedback.

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All calendars are $25 each

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Sealed (New) Limited Edition Albums: $20 | Used Limited Edition Albums: $15
Sealed (New) Regular Edition Albums: $15 | Used Regular Edition Albums: $10

Sealed (New) Limited Edition Singles: $10 | Used Limited Edition Singles: $8
Sealed (New) Regular Edition Singles: $8 | Used Regular Edition Singles: $5

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ArashiCollapse )

Domoto KoichiCollapse )

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KAT-TUNCollapse )

Kitty GYMCollapse )

NEWSCollapse )

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Tackey & TsubasaCollapse )

Yamashita TomohisaCollapse )


All clearfiles are $15 each, unless otherwise stated. Click on image to open a larger version in another window.

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Dream Boys 2009Collapse )

Hey! Say! JUMP!Collapse )

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Kinki KidsCollapse )

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KAT-TUNCollapse )

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Doujinshi #2